Tuesday, April 27, 2010


AIMS Celebration

Friday, April 24th will be the AIM Celebration for the entire school. Kindergarten will be participating at the very beginning of each session, so here are some instructions to help make the day run smoothly.


PLEASE make sure to send your child to school in their swimming suits or short and shirts that will be getting wet-we go out right away and only have 30 minutes outside, so there will be no time for changing before we go outside. Boys and girls must wear a colored t-shirt (Any color but WHITE) with their suits, so please make sure they are wear one that can get wet. Also keep in mind suits must be modest-no bikini's or bare bellies for the girls and boys must also have shirts on!


PLEASE put sunscreen on your child before school. DO NOT send any sunscreen to school. I can not apply it.


PLEASE send a towel and a COMPLETE set of dry clothes for your child to change into when we are done, including underwear, shoes and clothes.


Don't forget about our Kindergarten Celebration coming up next week. Thursday, May 6th at 6 pm.