Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mrs. Wright's Class

Today Scholastic Book Orders will be going home. The books included are great books to build your child's home library and most are catered to the beginning reading levels. I would encourage you to pick out a couple and give them as gifts for upcoming holidays or just as a token of love. There is one book featured for $1.00 in each of the orders and many are under $3.00. My kindergarten students love our classroom books and each time I put a new group of books out they are so excited to read them. Remember you can either send your paper order in with a check or order online. The following information is needed to log in to our Scholastic Ordering Site...

Go to: www.scholastic.com/clubsordering
Class User Name: twrightsimontonkinder
Password: Stallions

The order forms sent home have a due date of 11-10-09, since I did not get the orders out as soon as I wanted I will extend the due date until 11-17-09. Every time you order books our classroom gets to choose some free books as well. Order today!