Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mrs. Wright's Class

It is almost spring...HOORAY! I think our class is feeling a bit of spring fever already with a lot of talking and jitters in class. We are working with staying focused and following our classroom rules, chat with your child this week about what it means to be on task in our classroom. I will be at a educational conference for the remainder of the week. We will have our trusted and loved substitute in place, Mrs. Ferguson. Please realize that things may be a bit different the next couple of days. I know she will try to keep things as consistent as possible in our classroom.

We have started working on parts of a word and have almost mastered the ending sound. We will soon begin working on the middle sound and hopefully this will help in decoding and writing words. In math we are still working on telling time to the hour. The kids have done great with this and next week we will move on to learning about money. We have started our reading groups and I am working in small groups with each of the kids. This is giving me a lot of insight on what special skills your child may be struggling with and ways to help them along in the reading process. I will have ideas and data to share with you at conference time regarding your child's progress.

I hope you have all read a previous post for parents regarding our kindergarten celebration. Every class is wearing a specific colored t-shirt and our color is white. Michael's craft store has them on sale this week for $2.50 or any white t-shirt that is new will work too. If you are unable to get a shirt for your child by the end of March, please let me know and we can make arrangements. Our classroom is also in need of some items: Hand Sanitizer, Lysol wipes and baby wipes. If you are able to send an item in with your child, it would be greatly appreciated. Well, I hope the rest of the week goes great...I will see you all on Monday.